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School Of Homeopathy


School Of Homeopathy

School Of Homeopathy is an academic wing of IHMA. It provides supportive Homeopathic education to undergraduate and post graduate students of Homeopathy. SOH undertakes coaching classes for competitive exams like PSC, AIAPGET etc through CECP (Competitive Exam Coaching Program) and MOST (Medical Officers Structured Training). For those who cannot afford a long-term coaching, TORCH (Training and Orientation for Competitive exams in Homeopathy) is held each year, which is an intensive 7 days, in house, intensive coaching program. Apart from preparing students for competitive exams, SOH conducts regular CMEs, being a part of national and international seminars.

History of School Of Homeopathy

Homeopathic education requires young budding Homeopaths to get exposures from established clinical practitioners. As considered the art and science of medicine learning the science could be learnt from modern medical doctors from the real art of application of Homeopathy in varied diseases is only possible to be learnt from the practitioners of Homeopathy. Many states including Kerala had one of the best doctors with a practice seeing numerous patients and treating them with only Homeopathy.

It was in 2003, when a group of doctors and one of them was Dr. Sudin Kumar were attending a conference organised by CCH at Mt. Abu, Rajasthan. Doctors from other states including Maharashtra were amazed with the clinical cases being presented by Kerala doctors on that platform. Seeing the enthusiasm of the junior doctors to learn clinical Homeopathy they were invited to many of the clinics in Kerala. These doctors went for a one-month rotational and observational clinical training at various clinics including Dr. Oommen M. G, Dr. Abdul Gafar, Dr. Sudin Kumar, Dr. Prasanth Kumar M.E, Dr.K.P Akbar and Dr. T. Geetha. Many of these doctors went back home confident to practice homoeopathy and to quote one example was Dr.Pawan S Chandak from Parbhani Maharashtra is now a leading name in Homoeopathy in Maharashtra. This success story set a platform and an idea of starting a training school for young Homeopathic graduates teaching them the practical aspects of Homoeopathy to give them confidence to succeed in profession. IHMA School of Homeopathy took final shape in 2005. A set curriculum was designed for students desiring MD exams entrance exams. School of Homoeopathy released a guide comprising of two volumes named (I- basic) to help competitive exam preparations. This guide has already acquired the best status among the students and practitioners alike.

During the COVID 19 lockdown IHMA was one of the platforms to conduct record breaking online seminars for students and practitioners. Over the years it has become a recognised platform for the medium of education for undergraduate and post graduate students of Homeopathy and to those aspiring to enter various civil service exams. School of Homoeopathy also supervises regular Continued medical education programs for the members by arranging seminars with competent faculties in the field.

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