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IHMA HSL Season 3 : 5s Football tournament Hosted by IHMA KOZHIKODE


Posted on 16 March 2022

IHMA HSL Season 3 rules 
5s Football tournament 


1.IHMA HSL is aimed at  promoting awareness about health and fitness among of Our members. Valid IHMA Membership is mandatory for participating in the event

2. Play time is 20 minutes. Two half of 10 minutes each with 5 minutes break. no extra time.
In group stage :
 A-  win-3 points
 B-  tie - 1 point. 
 C- lose - 0 point.

3. Team squad can have maximum of 8 players. Only one student or internee. is allowed in squad. Unlimited substitution is allowed. Same players can be resubstituted. Only 5 players of a team are allowed  at a time in ground.

4. If a red card is shown, the player shall be  suspended from the remaining time of that match and the subsequent match. Substitution for the red carded player will be allowed.

5. kick instead of thrown goal for direct  kick.

6. For Penalties, players are allowed to take not more than 1 step before the kick is taken

7. No offside.

8. Tournament will be in league format. In pre quarter, semifinal & Final, 
if tie after full playtime ,
5 penalty kicks for each team.
  -If tie,then sudden death.

9-In case of a tie in points betweeen two  teams after all pool matches- Go for head to Head winners.if that match was draw then-
   Winners will be decided by the following order of preferences..
a)goal difference from all group matches
b) Goals scored in all group matches.
c)fair play(no of yellow and  red cards)
d) if still tie-toss

10- If more than two teams tied in a group, then apply rule no a to d written in the previous rule.

11- If a team is not playing a match(s) in the league, the result between the remaining teams shall decide the group winner, with the preferences of rule a to d which is mentioned earlier.

12. Players shall be wearing uniform Jersey with separate colour for goal keeper. Jersey should bear unique number printed on back.

13. There shall be a Team Captains meeting at the venue 2.00PM were the Referees shall explain the rules and clear doubts of team if any.

14. Registration shall be made by payment of Rs. 3000/- to the following account. 
ACC NO:38323961773
The payment details along with name of team, captain and manager shall be send to the following whatsapp number
Dr Tanseem 98950 79974
Dr Abhijith 94963 64134

Last date of registration : 17.03.22 complete team list must be submitted during registration. No further changes are allowed in squad after registration.

15. Draw of fixtures will be done on 20th March 2022.

Dr Ranjith

Dr Jibil P